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PBL – Reflection

My Problem Based Learning journey with my students was an interesting one. One where I feel there was a major outcome which I hadn’t realized was more important to me than the students guiding their own learning. For me, that … Continue reading

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Assistive Technology to Enhance A Dyslexic Student’s Learning

Assistive technology (AT) is defined by: Kristin Stanberry, Marshall H. Raskind in their article, ‘Assistive Technology for Kids with Learning Disabilities (LD): An Overview’, as a device, piece of equipment or system that helps bypass, work around or compensate for … Continue reading

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Problem Based Learning, a Gate-Way to Solving Tomorrow’s Problems

In a world where new technology and new problems arise every day, the ability for students to identify what knowledge they need to solve a problem is going to be an essential skill. In relation to math, that means they … Continue reading

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PBL in Math

Working wiser is important to me as a teacher, therefore when it came to what to do for my course 5 project I had two choices. I really wanted to gamify one of my classes, whereby I use, for example, … Continue reading

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Yes to Games & Play

Play is vital for normal cognitive, social and emotional development, as quoted in The Power of Play in Learning by Tina Barseghian. From when our children are young, all we as parents do is encourage our children, to be curious … Continue reading

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PBL & CBL Still Relevant Today.

Often when you hear ‘Past,’ in reference to education, it conjures up negative connotations, as in, it has been and gone and now there are new things to move onto to stay ‘current’. Yes, PBL or CBL have been around … Continue reading

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“Resources’, is the key word that came to my mind this week as I was reading the various articles. These readings couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I have been looking for resources to support my … Continue reading

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Seeing Rather Than Just Looking – using my work to highlight visual literacy elements to students

Digital literacy – is it new?  No. It has been around for years and has often been taught as part of the reading program, however what has changed, is the content.  Like hearing and not listening, the same applies to … Continue reading

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Technology Use Agreement Infographic

The assignment to collaborate with a group member outside of our immediate community was such a daunting task.  Thanks to a person, from a different cohort, who set up a google doc for people looking for a partner, I was … Continue reading

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Bringing Awareness to the Positive Ways the Net Can Impact People

Every individual is important in the world and through their single actions, they have the potential to bring about a positive change in their lives or that of others. Martha’s video,  I realised was the perfect way to reinforce discussions … Continue reading

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