I’d Be Lost Without My Devices

Out of interest, this week I made the chart below which shows some ways I use my devices (iPad, MacBook & BenQ Interactive Screen) in my class. I know this isn’t it all, but as I was making this, I realize I do rely heavily on the use of a device and the internet, in my classroom.

Besides google docs & google drive which I use all the time, the Confer app and Hapara service are two items I couldn’t be without. Confer, because it is my form of record keeping. This link goes to a short Youtube video explaining how the note taking app works. Two highlights of this app for me, is the ability for me to make comments, then sort them by various categories and secondly it enables me to add photographs of my students work to support those particular comments. Hapara is also key to my management of digital work / information dissemination to my students. One feature I really like is it allows me to view the document my students are working on in real time, which enables me to record immediate feedback as I talk with my students. It is also a great way the students can collaborate together, for example on the same google doc or slide show.

‘Tech breaks’ caught my attention as I teach my students to work for 15-20 minutes maximum on their homework or study before they need a 5 min break so they can remain alert and productive. As part of this 5 minutes, I encourage them to schedule their ‘tech break’, so then while they are focusing on homework their mind hopefully isn’t wandering and their work is accomplished quicker. In an article by MIT about study habits, it states, “Turn off your phone while studying and on when you take a break.’ I couldn’t agree more. There is a time and place for everything.

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2 Responses to I’d Be Lost Without My Devices

  1. Chrissy H says:

    What a brilliant way to reflectively see how technology is being used in your classroom!

  2. Disha says:

    Hi Bettina,

    I loved how you created a chart to help you reflect on how much you use technology and devices in the classroom! As I read through your list, I realized that I also use so many of the same tech resources or devices as well! They are integrated so seamlessly into our workday that I almost forget how much we do rely on technology throughout the day. When our internet was down at our school earlier this year, it felt like time stood still!!! I kept going to do things and realizing I couldn’t because the internet was down. Crazy, huh! Most of our teachers had to rethink their lessons and procedures because they all relied on the internet and devices being connected. It was an eye opening reminder to how far we have come with technology in a short period of time.

    I agree that there is a time and place for everything and that was the focus of my blog post, Does balance really exist?! (link to coetail.com). I think it is important for us to find balance and take the time to reflect when, where, and why we are using technology to make sure that we are creating an environment both for our students and ourselves that allows us to be well rounded individuals.

    Thanks for sharing!


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