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Will education as we know it change because of technology? What might my teaching look like for me as a teacher in 5 years time compared to how I teach now? Big questions to answer, and this week really gave me cause to pause and think, what is important to me as an educator to install in my students. I believe for me, my end goal is to provide skills and strategies for students in an engaging, meaningful way so they are enabled to continually learn and try new things throughout their lives. How I hope to achieve this, will probably alter often. If changing the physical classroom features to positively impact learning, then yes, I would love to teach in that new physical environment. If the latest theory in the best pedagogy at that time is different to my own, or a new way to incorporate technology into everyday teaching is going to advance the learning of my students, then again yes, I hope I may have that opportunity to try and implement these things in a meaningful way. If technology in education continues to develop the way it is currently, I am hoping that gamed based learning is a common feature in future classrooms. The high engagement factor, transdiscipline approach, possible real life scenarios, problem solving, motivation, customized learning… do I need to go on, that I believe may be provided through game based learning is something that I want to experience with my students, sooner rather than later. We already know how ‘addicted’ some students are to internet games, bringing that into the educational setting can only be a win, win situation in my eyes, if it meets the needs of that particular student, at that given time.

Not everything will be different. Some fundamental teaching principles will remain the same. That ‘teacher impact’ on students everyday life will remain as important as ever. One of my students said they didn’t think we would need schools in the future, but according to Hatties TED talk entitled, ‘Why are so many of our teachers and schools so successful?’- I think my job may be safe!.

I think, Hattie summed it up perfectly when he highlighted the fact that it is the skills of a teacher that enables students to become life-long learners. 3 points were highlighted for me, which are fundamental to good teaching practice.
Know where your students are at
Identify their next step and what it looks like
Challenge them and through regular feedback enhance their growth and motivation to keep learning

I am excited to see what education in the future looks like, and how we as teachers are prepared for it, and how we as teachers prepare our students for it!

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  1. Laura Blazek says:

    Hi Bettina,
    I think you and I approach our pedagogy in the same way. The value of our relationships with students seems to drive our instruction. It is clear that your skill in knowing your students enables your success. John Hattie asks us if we can remember the teachers who had a profound impact on our learning. Of course, we can! These individuals understood the importance of making a connection with us as learners, enabling us to see our own potential and encouraging us to take risks.

    It was interesting to hear Hattie explain how little all of the popular debatable topics actually affect learning – the small effect technology currently has on student achievement. He pointed out how the technological revolution in education has been supposed to happen for the past twenty years. It will be interesting to see when it happens.


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