“Resources’, is the key word that came to my mind this week as I was reading the various articles. These readings couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I have been looking for resources to support my current classroom practice to include project based learning into my blended learning environment. I continue to explore these resources to find those ‘aha’ ones!

Currently the on-line gamified resources the students can use are only A on the SAMR model. For example, below is a section of math options focusing on place value. If a student needs to build their skills in this area, they have a choice as to how to reinforce /learn it, e.g. paper, on-line, or hands on partner work.


When reading, Connecting Project-based and blended learning, it reinforced that my next step is to add the project-based learning piece to the above. This I think will take the technology usage to the next level on the SAMR model. The comments in this article regarding the Khan academy videos, made me stop and think. Yes, some are skill and drill, but as most of the students I engage with are LD learners, some students need that form of repetition and immediate feedback at an explicit teaching level before they can move on to the application of these skills in their learning. Gamified resources are awesome because they have that engaging factor, but I have been struggling to find interactive sites that take my students learning to a higher level of thinking and application to real life problems. Therefore if anyone has some great suggestions, please share!

My next decision to make is whether to use project-based learning prior to or after my students learning of the basic skills….

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  1. Hi Bettina! Great post 🙂 What you wrote about really resonated with me for a number of reasons. 1- Your mention of project based learning. I specifically asked about this at the end of my most recent blog post. I need more resources/examples/help in this area of my teaching practice. I know it can be done, but I definitely need some ideas! This website (link to showcases such projects from the High Tech schools in California. 2- Your mention of online gamified resources. Where are you getting these from? Can they be applied to high school science? I have heard of them, but I am not very familiar with them. 3- Your mention of basic skills, which are SO important! I use Khan academy with my chemistry students, and they find it really helpful! They replay those videos getting the repetition that they need. I’d really like to embed all 3 of these technological ideas into my teaching practice.

    • Hi Pam- thanks for the link. When I find online resources for my students, I generally type in interactive online games – then age and the specific skill I want them to focus on. I did a general one for you and here is one site I came up with - These are ‘gamified’ because basically they take the skill, and make it into some form of game eg. fruit splat where they shoot the correct answer, then the students get immediate feedback, sometimes they race against a clock to see their self improvement, often there are different levels, so they are differentiated, but biggest thing is the students enjoy playing them so they have a big buy in factor. Hope you find some.

  2. “Yes, some are skill and drill, but as most of the students I engage with are LD learners, some students need that form of repetition and immediate feedback at an explicit teaching level before they can move on to the application of these skills in their learning.” I love this quote from your post because I think it says a lot about how students still need high quality direct instruction in the classroom and require the continuous practice of ‘foundational skills’; drill and kill. I teach grade 6 math and work with students who struggle with project based learning and inquiry because they cannot add single digit numbers or identify place value. There needs to be a solid base knowledge from which to pull and use knowledge to apply it to a more real-world problem or challenge.

    • Frank you have just reinforced for me the importance of these fundamental skills before moving onto the application of them! Thanks for sharing based off your experience with PBL in your classroom.

  3. Valya Leaton says:

    Bettina – I loved your article when I read it the first time. I am making that comment since my post didn’t go through so I am writing it again.
    Khan Academy was my go to as a math teacher for the drill and kill that some students needed. Along with Frank, I feel that students need that reinforcement to further their understanding or to remind them of what they have learned. And I don’t think it is successful for LD students but many types of learners. I love the resources, accountability, ease of use, etc. I would like to mention CK12 as website for you to checkout. I have used it more in 8th since Khan’s science tends to be too informative for all of my students. Check it out!
    I followed Pamela’s link for the science resources so I could find reinforcement ideas for 8th grade science teachers. While I enjoyed all the information there, it was your link to the science game center that had me very excited. I have bookmarked this site and plugged in several activities so far.
    That’s what I get for reading the comments too! Thanks!

  4. Hi Bettina, I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree thoroughly with you about the need for skill practice. It really needs to be an integration of the two ideas of PBL and basic skill practice. What concerns me as well is the possibility of social loafing. I found this article, How to Prevent Social Loafing During Group Work, that I think also offers some ideas to set up PBL that you would appreciate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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